The County Fair

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Yesterday I went to the county fair here in town. It started out as a nice day and stayed nice in the shade, but was quite hot in the sun. I even got a pretty decent sunburn. I was a little surprised about it since it seems a little early for that.

I was super proud of myself because I went on the Ring of Fire with my son. This is the ride that goes round and round in a circle for what seems like 20 minutes. I haven’t ridden this ride since I was probably 16 years old. I felt a little shaky but slightly exhilarated afterwards…I guess maybe this is the point of these rides. The ferris wheel was my other favorite and I think the bumper cars was my son’s favorite. He went on the Scramble by myself—his face was priceless!

We also indulged in numerous fair delicacies such as elephant ears, pizza, steak sandwiches, cotton candy, and candy apples. The games are hard to resist and my son still does not believe me that no matter how easy it looks…it’s not that easy to win them. He did proudly win a stuffed dog and a fake gun. He thinks mommy is a little bit of a stick-in-the-mud for not letting him play more. He really wanted to play the game where you win the fish, but I didn’t want a fish fatality on my hands this morning when he awoke.

My mother attended with us, but I think this might be her last fair. I think she would have been content getting an elephant ear and leaving…like someone we saw when we first came in. But she did have fun walking around and watching my son try and dunk the person in the duntank and seeing some of the sights.

This year they had seals and monkeys which were lots of fun to see. We missed seeing the cows, pigs, rabbits, and chickens this year which was disappointing. One of the neatest vendors was a husband and wife who made vases and bowls and sculptures out of gourds. They also had made their own windchimes and other art from iron.

Overall, it was a great day at the fair. I have always loved the atmosphere and this trip was no exception.


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