Nancy’s Bar-B-Q

So I’ve been waiting all week to visit Nancy’s Bar-B-Q. I finally did and I can truthfully say it was the best barbecue ever! I had the “Kibbutz-A-Q” Sandwich–a delicious combo of beef brisket, slaw, and Jezebel jam on a bun. YUMMY!  (You may be asking what jezebel jam is?–I am not sure but it was yellow and tangy and delicious.) My dining companion had the pulled pork sandwich which she highly enjoyed as well. There were lots of other yummy choices to try like chicken and “links” and salads. I was intrigued by the salmon BLT too–I need to try it sometime.  We got the red skin potato salad, cool cucumber salad, sweet potato mash, and roasted brussels sprouts as sides. The brussels sprouts were particularly good. They have lots of other sides to try like mac and cheese, slaw, and succotash. They didn’t have all their desserts available but I definitely want to go back and try the pineapple-rum upside cake. It looks like you can have a nice cold beer with your barbecue too, judging from the abundant beer signs. We got our food to go because it is still insanely busy with a line out the door, but they have both indoor and outdoor dining. The parking spots seem a little sparse, but we walked so that wasn’t an issue for us. I can’t recommend this new restaurant enough. DEFINITELY the BEST barbecue I’ve had. Don’t miss out!


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